Hawaii Caves To Pressure From So-Called "Christian Groups" Postpones Gay Civil Unions Indefinately – Gays Should Postpone Hawaii Indefinitely

Hawaii House of Representatives which approved a civil unions bill last year, yesterday they voted to postpone a new vote indefinitely caving to enormous pressure from so-called “Christian” groups after the Hawaii Senate approved the bill by a veto-proof majority last week.

Some in the state are concerned about the effect this image may have on gay tourism.  AND WELL THEY SHOULD BE BECAUSE ITS TIME FOR US TO GET SERIOUS!
It’s just as easy to spend money in states that promote civil rights. Where there may not be many States those in New England (Except Maine)and Iowa which both support Gay Marriage and Gay Rights should be supported by our GAY MONEY and those who don’t support us should not get any.
It’s time to spend our money ONLY at gay/gay friendly businesses and to vacation and spend money in gay/gay friendly States.  If anti-gay states and businesses hates queers, they must also hate our queer money.

It’s time to hit the haters where it hurts.  Gay Money at Gay/Gay Friendly Businesses and in Gay Friendly States ONLY!

What do you think?

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