Greg Oden Portland Trail Blazers Center NAKED!

Greg Oden Center for The Portland Trail Blazers may be out for the year with a knee injury but dude seems to be filling his time well by posting naked pics on Guys with iPhones. has posted nude pictures of a man that bears a striking resemblance to the Ogden. The man’s face in the first photo clearly resembles Oden, but the two pictures that show a HUGE piece of meat are less clear cut (Even though he is) — the face is obscured by a cell phone but the torso’s do seem to match!

2 thoughts on “Greg Oden Portland Trail Blazers Center NAKED!

  1. Yo i dnt know how you could think that its Greg Oden since if that the case I got to know where is money is going because thats a crappy tv in the background

  2. Who cares about nude pictures. Go to Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Amsterdam…….and you'll see them on Television. We are so Puritanical and Victorian in America it's laughable. I'd rather have my kids see nudity than all blood and gore on American television any day.

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