Gay Rights Put On The Back Burner In Utah Until 2011. And Utah Gay Rights Groups Agree?

The Utah State Legislature has decided to put a hold on any discussion of legislation concerning gay rights until 2011. Utah legislators announced that in return for ultra-conservatives law-makers not passing a law outlawing all non-discrimination ordinances state wide, pro-human legislators will agree to not run any gay rights bills this year.

Sounds like a very crappy compromise.  Especially since one of the stipulations of the stand down is that over the next year the state will launch a program similar to the what the Human Rights Commission ran for Salt Lake City, a comprehensive report on whether basic protections for Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender are needed.

Are they needed?  Thats just idiotic. OF COURSE THEY ARE NEEDED!

It’s just mindboggling.

What are the Gay and Lesbian Righst Leaders in Utah thinking?  Are they so niave to think that The Mormon Church which owns the State Legislature is going to change and make a 360 turn in thier bigotry and hated to the LGBT Community in a year or do they just want the year off?

Take a break, relax, enjoy this soon to fail strategy.

What do you think?

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