Bryan Fischer, American Family Association Radio Host Calls For Sending ALL Homosexuals To Prison

Bryan Fischer a Radio Host for the so-called “Loving Christians” at the American Family Association has called for sending homosexuals to prison for forced reparative therapy which this wingnut says is sanctioned by the Bible.

Fischer is the same loon that called for banning all Muslims from the U.S. military.

I suppose Fischer will be advocating selling his daughters into sexual slavery next. Or maybe taking women forcibly as wives after you’ve killed their families. After all, that’s what the Bible advocates. That and slavery, murder, and injustice, all in the name of “God”.

These Christo-fascists have no place in a democratic society.  If what they really want is a theocracy, they should move to Saudi Arabia.

And ia anyone should go to prison for “reparative therapy”, It should be be assholes like this.  They are a danger to humankind.

What do you think?

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