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Tony Perkkkins

FRC’s Tony Perkins Cites Leviticus 18 (Kill the Gays) In Prayer That North Carolina Rejects The “Evil” Of Gay Civil Rights

Hate-monger Tony Perkins and the anti-gay Family Research Council has upped their hate game by referencing the Bible reference Leviticus 18 that supposedly deals with a number of sexual activities considered unclean or “abominable.” President...

Trump Picks Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum For Catholic Advisory Group, Vows To Protect "Religious Liberty"

Trump Picks Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum For Catholic Advisory Group, Vows To Protect “Religious Liberty”

Looks like Ricky “Man on Dog” Santorum has a new gig that is just perfect for his extreme homophobic skill set. The Washington Blade: In one fell swoop, Donald Trump has fortified the anti-LGBT...


UPDATE 9/21 – Bigoted eBay Ghoul Sells Vintage 1970s “Gay Queer Homosexual Men Boy” Photo Album: – eBay Removes Listing After Pressure

Today in our “Some People Just Need The Shit Kicked Out of Them” section.  We report on a homophobic eBay seller who placed up for auction a photo album filled with photographs of a...